This is why I’m striking – Uber driver explains how petrol hikes have nearly crippled him.


On Tuesday morning‚ Johannesburg’s streets were quieter as Uber drivers protested – and one driver‚ who was part of the strike‚ explained why he and his colleagues had put on the brakes.

The man‚ who wouldn’t be named for fear of victimisation‚ said that cash was at the heart of the protests‚ thanks largely to the petrol price hike.

“At this time last year‚ after a hard day’s work and after all expenses such as fuel had been paid‚ I could earn R3‚500 weekly.

“Now‚ some weeks‚ drivers are barely getting R500 a week‚” the driver said.    Read More at link below–uber-driver-explains-how-petrol-hikes-have-nearly-crippled-him/

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