Is Uber doomed? Saudi Arabia’s $3.5 Billion bet on Uber

Saudi Arabia’s $3.5 Billion bet on Uber.  Read Mr. Horan’s articles in pdf below before watching the video.


Is Blockchain ridesharing going to destroy Uber?

Can Uber Ever Deliver? Parts 1-5      

by  Hubert Horan  Email:

Parts 1-4 include the original versions of arguments (subsequently published in the TLJ article) about Uber’s dismal financial results, uncompetitive economics, and its explicit pursuit of unregulated industry dominance based on data available in 2016; Part 5 answers questions raised by readers of Parts 1-4

Can_Uber_Ever_Deliver__1-5_.pdf 876.4 KB     Click here to read

Can Uber Ever Deliver? Parts 6-9

For a PDF  parts 6-9 Can_Uber_Ever_Deliver__6-9_.pdf    Click Here to read
907.2 KB

Can Uber Ever Deliver? Parts 10-17

For a Pdf  Can_Uber_Ever_Deliver__10-16A_.pdf   Click here to read
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Uber articles published at Pando

Has Pando missed the heart of the Uber problem? A transportation industry expert writes…—December 1, 2015

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Uber an avatar of innovation and progress? The economic evidence says otherwise–March 10,2017.
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